APMF Conference

The 9th APMF Conference

November 1 ~ 2, 2019 (Conference)
November 3, 2019 (Jeju Island Tour)
Venue : International Convention Center Jeju

“PEACE IN ASIA: Stepping Up the Role of Conflict Resolution”

Jeju Island, Korea “Island of World Peace” – a UNESCO Heritage Site

Jeju International Convention Center
Convener: Korea Association of Mediators (KAM)

Jeju International Convention Center, Jeju Island, Korea

Jeju Stone Guardian

Free-diving “haenyeo” women on the black lava beach

Free-diving “haenyeo” women on the sea

Horses originally introduced by Mongols

About the APMF

The Asia Pacific Mediation Form (APMF) is a not-for-profit regional association of individuals, organizations and institutions interested in promoting peace through mediation and other conflict transformation processes wherever conflicts threaten the well-being of individuals, organizations, communities, and local, state or national governments in the region. The main objective of the APMF is to facilitate the exchange and development of knowledge, values and skills of mediation and other conflict resolution and transformation processes, in any form, including inter-cultural, interpersonal, inter-institutional and international, within and between the diverse countries and cultures in the Asia-Pacific region. To fulfil this objective, conferences are held in the region every two years, with a different country taking responsibility for hosting each conference. The first conference was held in Adelaide, South Australia in 2001, and subsequent conferences have been convened in Singapore, Fiji, Malaysia. Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. For more information about the APMF see www.asiapacificmediationforum.org


About the 9thAPMFConference

The 9th Conference of APMF is being convened on beautiful Jeju Island, Korea an hour’s flight from Seoul. Jeju Island was designated the “Island of World Peace” by the Korean Government in 2005. Beautiful and dramatic, Jeju Island is renowned as an UNESCO designated heritage site for its beauty and for its iconic free-diving grannies. Jeju is also recognized for providing a unique venue for important international conferences and political summits. For many years, the annual Jeju International Forum for Peace and Prosperity has been convened in Jeju with over 2000 international participants meeting over a wide range of topics dealing with global peace.

It is significant that the APMF is convening this international conference in Korea as it has been in the international headlines for its activity in the areas of people’s democracy and international peace dialogue this past year. The first meeting between North and South Korea in 20 years, set the stage for the first ever meeting between the heads of state of the U.S. and North Korea, 65 years after the end of the Korean War.


 Our objectives for the 9thAPMFconference are to:

  • Analyze the recent political developments in Korea from a mediator’s perspective
  • Facilitate international networking between Mediators from a range of fields of practice including: Family, Commercial, School, Environmental, Community, Court-Annexed, On-line Dispute Resolution, Labor, Government, Multi-party Facilitation, Inter-cultural, Tribal, Military.
  • Provide opportunities for mediation experts in the Asia Pacific region to share their knowledge, experiences and approaches to a variety of conflicts and disputes
  • Explore effective ways to broaden the acceptance of mediation and other forms of conflict resolution as a First Response to conflict in all our areas and communities
  • Examine how to apply a range of conflict resolution techniques to both broader and local Korean conflicts such as the Jeju 2nd Airport Dispute, Justice and Reconciliation for Comfort Women from WWII and Constructive Dialogue between peace/political groups
  • Promote outstanding peacemaking initiatives through the awarding of the APMF Peace Prize
  • Broaden APMF networking to other Asian regions
Certificates of Participation:

Cosigned by the Asia Pacific Mediation Forum and Korea Association of Mediators will be presented to all participants attending for two days.

 About the venue:

Beautiful Jeju Island is the most visited tourist site in Korea and receives over 23 million visitors annually. It is famous for its elderly, independent thinking, free-diving “haenyeo” women who have continuously practiced harvesting shell fish and other sea products from the ocean for over 400 years and have played a leading role in Jeju’s economic, social and political life for generations.  Jeju is famous for its beaches, dramatic black lava coastline, extensive lava tubes, mountains, forests, 7 micro-climates, innumerable fishing villages and farms which create a landscape that is always changing.

See photos of Jeju Island (used with permission from Brenda Sunoo): www.brendasunoo.com/photojournalism/jeju/JejuGallery13/
See short video of Jeju Island   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFnLXHOVrt0

Cultural Highlights at the 9th APMF Conference

Note:  At this early state, not all activities have been confirmed yet.
  • Governor’s Declaration of Jeju Island’s first annual Jeju Mediation Day (tentative)
  • Jeju Fashion Show featuring traditional organic persimmon-dyed styles created by an internationally known local fashion designer and dye artist.
  • Korean Traditional Tea Ceremony performed by Korean Tea Master (invited)
  • Korean Dancers and Musicians
  • Haenyeo Songs and Dance by Jeju Island’s iconic diving women. These songs are part of the Haenyeo’s UNESCO designated heritage (tentative)

Special APMF Jeju Tour: November 3, 2019

Following the 2nd day of the conference, a special all day tour of Jeju Island is being arranged by the conference conveners (Korea Association of Mediators).  This will give attendees an opportunity to relax and socialize and introduce some of the beautiful and breathtaking highlights of this remarkable Triple Crown UNESCO Heritage Site.  If you are interested, please sign up on the conference registration form. The cost is ($95 USD)

Nominations for the 2019 Asia Pacific Mediation Forum (APMF) Peace Prize

An APMF Peace Prize of a certificate, trophy and money has been awarded bi-annually at each of our conferences in the Asia Pacific region.

How to make a nomination

If you are an APMF member and wish to nominate someone for the 2019 APMF Peace Prize, please forward the following information about an individual, group or organisation in the Asia Pacific region, who you consider to be worthy of consideration, to the APMF President – dale.bagshaw@unisa.edu.au

The nominee need not be a member of the APMF. The APMF Executive Committee will select the winner and the prize will be awarded at the 9th APMF Conference in Korea.

When making a nomination, please include:
  • Name and contact details of the person(s) making the nomination (address, email, phone, fax)
  • Name of the Individual, Group or Organisation being nominated and contact details – address, country, website, phone, fax and email
  • If an individual is being nominated – a short Curriculum Vitae and a link to any of his/her website or homepage
  • If a group or organisation in being nominated – a brief description of who they are and a link to any websites, homepages.
  • A brief history of the relevant peace activities of the nominee(s) in the Asia Pacific region (within a time frame)
  • A clear, succinct statement as to why the nominee is worthy of a Peace Prize
  • Two accompanying letters of recommendation or references.

Korea Association of Mediators (KAM)

KAM is the host of the 9th APMF Conference in Korea. KAM was established in March, 2017 for training, advertisement and cooperation of mediators together by Korea Institute of Conflict Management and Mediation(KiCoMM), Korea ADR Center, Korea Association of Mediation and Arbitration(KAMA), and Dankuk University Institute of Dispute Resolution.

KAM has four sub-committees such as Family Conflict, Organization Conflict, Public Conflict, and Court-annexed Mediation Subcommittee. Expert Trainees are qualified to advertise themselves on their websites provided by KAM

KAM members participate in sub-committee meetings, workshops and quarterly seminars. They have a mutual exchange of information and cooperative networks. The registration fee is 50,000won and annual fee is 30,000won. Any participants pay the registration fee only and get an annual fee waiver.