Keynote Speakers

Dale Bagshaw

Associate Professor Dale Bagshaw, PhD.
University of South Australia
President of APMF
Topic: Opening Statement / Elder Mediation

Chang-Il Kang

Law Maker Chang-Il Kang
Democratic Party (Jeju Kap)
Topic: Wecome Speech

Richard Giacolone

Director Richard Giacolone
Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service
Topic: Keynote Speech 1

Gibuma Gibbs Salika

Chief Justice Gibuma Gibbs Salika
Supreme Courts PNG
Papua Nugunia
Topic: Keynote Speech 2

Hak-Lin Kim

Associate Professor Hak-Lin Kim, PhD.
Department of Negotiation, Dankook University
President, Korea Association of Conflict Studies
Topic: Keynote Speech 3

Myung-Lim Park 

Professor Myung-Lim Park
Director, Kim Dae-Jung Presidential Library & Meseum at Yonsei University
Topic: Steps towards “Peace in Asia” (Agenda Presentation) 


Sung-Hwan Ahn

Executive Director Sung-Hwan Ahn
ChungNam Labor Partnership Committee
Topic: Case Study of Labor Dispute Mediation and Arbitration

Jung-Hye Cho

CEO Jung-Hye Cho
Dugeundugeun, Ltd
Social Enterprise for Conflict Management System Design
Topic: The Impact of Court Litigtion on the Composition and Operation of Conflict Mediation Body

Dong-Ha Choi

Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Negotiation, Dankook University
Representative Coach, KBC Partners Inc.
Topic: A Case of Coaching and Its Implications for Conflict Resolution

Jeang-Han Choi

Director Jeang-Han Choi
Hanoll Counseling Center
Topic: A Case Study and Practice on Mediation of Conflict between Parents and their Children

Jong-Hun Chae

Senior Research Fellow Jong-Hun Chae, PhD
Director, Social Cohesion Research Center
Korea Institute of Public Administration(KIPA)
Topic: Public Deliberation and Conflict Management in South Korea

Daly Erni

Dr. Daly Erni
University of Indonesia
Topic: Introducing Mediation to a Community of Teenagers in a Legal Clinic

Viktor Fersht

Professor Viktor Fersht
Asia Pacific Agency for Dispute Resolution Online
Topic: Online Dispute Resolution Applied to Business with Russia

Darren Gardner

Mr. Darren Gardner 
Partner, Bartier Perry
Topic: Mediation as a term of employment – an employment
relationship bridge or road-block?

Asma Hakimah binti Ab Halim

Dr. Asma Hakimah binti Ab Halim
Senior lecturer, Accredited Mediator
Faculty of Law and Mediasi Lestari, Universiti Kebangsaan
Topic: Mediation in the Wakaf issue in Malaysia

Su-Geum Han

Mediator Su-Geum Han
Incheon Family Court
Topic: Demonstration of a Relationship Centered Approach to Family Conflict Mediation Process, with the All Parties Involved

In-Woong Hwang

Conflict Mediator In-Woong Hwang
Suwon City
Topic: Case Study of Public Conflicts in the Self Government of Suwon City

Cynthia Irmer

Dr. Cynthia Irmer
Consultant, Conflict Resolution & Peacebuilding
Topic: Appreciative Inquiry: Unlocking Possibilities for the Second Jeju Airport Dispute

Dong-Hyuk Jang

CEO Dong-Hyuk Jang, Hi-Conflict Inc.
Topic: The Law of School Violence Prevention to be Supplemented by Training of Conflict Mediators and Managers

In-Hee Jung

Assistant Professor In-Hee Jung, Ph.D.
Dept of Social Welfare, Ansan University
Topic: The Current Status of Family Conflict and Mediation Processes that are Unique to Korean Society

Ambeng Kandakasi

Deputy Chief Justice Ambeng Kandakasi
PNG Supreme and National Courts
Papua Nuginia
Topic: Court-Annexed Mediation in PNG

Seung-Wook Kang

Union Chairman Seung-Wook Kang
Pfizer Korea Labor Union
Topic: Case Study of Industrial Relations in Pfizer Korea

Sarita Karki

Ms. Sarita Karki
Gender Expert & Mediator
Topic: Intersection of Community Mediation and Gender Based Violence(GBV) in Nepal

Hanna Ambaras Khan

Dr. Hanna Ambaras Khan
Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Multimedia University
Topic: Community Mediation in Malaysia 2012-2018

Jennifer Khan-Janif

Ms. Jennifer Khan-Janif
Senior Advisor, Ministry of Social Development
New Zealand
Topic: Youth Mediation: Peace Leadership Development for Muslim Youth in New Zealand

Dong-Young Kim

Associate Professor Dong-Young Kim. PhD
KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Topic: Role of Neutral Panel in Science-Intensive Public Conflicts

Ju-Il Kim

Associate Professor Ju-Il Kim, PhD
Korea University of Technology & Education
Representative, Korea ADR Center
Topic: Process and Tasks of Converging Public Opinions

Mi-Kyung Kim

Representative Mi-Kyung Kim
Neoul the Platform of Conflict & Therapy
Topic: Conflict Management Systems of Public Organizations

Sang-Kyu Kim

Director Sang-Kyu Kim
Korea ADR Center
Topic: Case Study of Public Opinion Convergence: Daejeon Wolpyung Park and Changwon Starfield

Seo-Young Kim

Director Seo-Young Kim
Hi-Conflict Inc.
Topic: Suggestion for Restorative Cooperation Relationship in School Conflicts: Conflict Management Guide for Teacher

Hyun-Joo Ko

Secretary General Hyun-Joo Ko
Bucheon Tripartite Commission
Topic: History and Tasks of Social Dialogue in Bucheon

František Kutlík

Dr. František Kutlík
Chairman, Slovak Institute for Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Topic: Intercultural, interethnic and interreligious mediation in working with minorities in Slovakia.

Hee-Jin Lee

Secretary General Hee-Jin Lee
Korea ADR Center
Topic: Case study of Public Opinion Convergence: Singori Nuclear and College Exams

Jae-Hun Lee

Regional Director Jae-Hun Lee, ret.
Korea Industrial Safety Association
Topic: Case Study of Organizational Conflict

Jin-Sun Lee

Adjunct Professor Jin-Sun Lee
Baeseok University
Topic: The Korean Educational Fever and the Relationship between Parents and their Children

Sun-kyoung Lee

Mediator Sun-kyoung Lee
Incheon Family Court
Topic: Paradigm Shift in Korean Family Conflict Mediation Process

Sung-Jin Lee

Labor Atorney Sung-Jin Lee
Representative, Pine Consulting Co.
Topic: Case Study of Resolving a Petition for Retiremnet Pay

Sri Mamudji

Ms. Sri Mamudji
Mediator, Indonesian Institute for Conflict Transformation
Topic: Mediation, It’s Implementation and Empowerment in Indonesia

Wayne F Marriott

Mr. Wayne F Marriott
Mediator, Fleetwood Group Limited
Topic: Restorative Justice Practices/ New Zealand Maori

Masako Miyatake

Dr. Masako Miyatake
Guest Professor, Keio University Law School
Partner, Blakemore & Mitsuki
Deputy Secretary General, Japan International Dispute Resolution Center
Topic: Japanese Family Court Mediation

Chun-Suk Mo

Director Chun-Suk Mo
ONC Conflict Mediation Center
Topic: Case Study of Conflict Management in the Integrated Public Organization

Yong-Kap Moon

Representative Yong-Kap Moon, PhD
Korea Institute for Conflict Management & Mediation
Mediator, Seoul Family Court
Topic: Leadership and Conflict Coaching for Newly Appointed Leader

Hyung-Choon Park

Labor Atorney Hyung-Choon Park
Doldam Labor Firm
President, Conflict Mediation Society
Topic: How to Resolve a Hidden Labor-Management Conflict?

Suseon Park

Director Suseon Park
Conflict Resolution & Peace Center
Topic: A Case Study on the Approach to Conflict Prevention and Resolution between Neighbors

John Izaac Minotty Pattiwael

Mr. John Izaac Minotty Pattiwael
Advocate & Certified Mediator
Founder & Managing Partner at Law Office John, Jhony & Partners
Topic: Faith-Based Mediation

José Pascal da Rocha

Dr. José Pascal da Rocha
Lecturer, Columbia University
Topic: The Changing Nature of International Mediation 2001-2021

Greg Rooney

Mr. Greg Rooney
Director, The Mediator Standards Board
Topic: Applying Complexity Theory to Mediation

Margaret Ross

Ms. Margaret Ross
Nationally Accredited Mediator
Campbell Chambers Adelaide
Topic: Humanistic Mediation

Vladimir Shiklhalev

Professor Vladimir Shiklhalev
Mediators, Union of Far East region of Russia
Topic: Launching the Asia Pacific Agency for Online Dispute Resolution

Donghee Son

Professor Donghee Son
Employment & Labor Training Institute, Korea University of Technology & Education
Topic: Social Dialogue and Conflict in Agenda Committees of ESLC at National Level

Young-Shin Son

Project Manager Young-Shin Son
Hi-Conflict Inc.
Topic: Suggestion for Restorative Cooperation Relationship in School Conflicts: Conflict Management Guide for Teacher

Jan Jung-Min Sunoo

Mr. Jan Jung-Min Sunoo
Mediator, retired, Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service
Adjunct Faculty, Rotary Peace Center, Chulalongkorn University
Topic: Public Multi-Stakeholder Facilitation: Amazing Successes and Avoidable Frustration

Delma Sweeney

Dr. Delma Sweeney
Director, Edward M. Kennedy Institute of Mediation and Conflict Intervention at Maynooth University
Joint Academic Director, Masters (MSc.) in Psychotherapy, Turning Point, Dublin City University
Topic: Revenge Apology and Forgiveness

Joo Seng Tan

Associate Professor Joo Seng Tan
Nanyang Technological University
Topic: Mediation Process and Outcome

John (J.C.) Thomas III

Mr. John (J.C.) Thomas III
Director, External Affairs, Sempra North American Infrastructure
Topic: Public Multi-Stakeholder Facilitation: Amazing Successes and Avoidable Frustration

Valerie Du Toit-Low

Associate Professor Valerie Du Toit-Low
Nanyang Technological University
Topic: Mediation Process and Outcome


Dr. Wirdyaningsih
Lecturer, Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia
Chairperson, Islamic Law Lecturers Association throughout Indonesia
Topic: Sharia Economic Mediation

Chang-Hee Won

Research Professor Chang-Hee Won, PhD.
Korea University
President, Korea Association of Mediator(KAM)
Mediator, Seoul Central District Court & Seoul Family Court
Topic: The Environment of Conflict Mediation and Utilization of Coaching in South Korea

John Woodward

Dr. John Woodward
Associate Lecturer, Newcastle Law School,
Faculty of Business and Law, The University of Newcastle
Topic: Court-Annexed Mediation

Lum Kit Wye

Associate Professor Lum Kit Wye
Nanyang Technological University
Topic: Mediation Process and Outcome

Hyang-Suk Yun

Counselor Hyang-Suk Yun
Representative, Adam Family Counseling
Topic: Emotionally Focused & Systematic Mediation in Conflicts between Professional Parents and their Children